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An event where students are refined, where students get opportunity, where students are competed and where students are rewarded. Holding SUNFEST TROPHY is like a dream for all the associate schools and We 'the SUNBEAM SCHOOL MAU' has proved ourself by winning the champions trophy consecutively 2nd time. 17 schools....400 participants...16 competitions and Sunbeam School Mau, won the trophy. What a moment it was...
Congratulations to all the participants, their mentors and of course to all the proud parents....
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#sunbeamschoolmau #learningisfun
#BestSchoolOfTheCity #No1schoolOfTheCity
#fightagainstcoronavirus #onlineclasses

Sunfest 2020...


17 schools....400 participants...18 competitions and Sunbeam School Mau, won the trophy. What a moment it was....when our school name was announced as the winner.
It was really like a dream come true. We thank to all the parents whose continuous support made this success possible. We extend our cordial wishes to all the participants who put their heart and soul for this trophy.
We would thank to the DHK EDUSERVE team, who virtually conducted such a grand event successfully .

Sunfest 2018...


 A plethora of events, marvelous show, and tentative moments, nail-biting finishes well that is all about the Inter Sunbeam Competition where students of 23 sunbeam (core & associate) schools, around 1500 participants share the common stage and gain enormous experience.

A Glimpse of Sunfest 2018....


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Front Office Executive : +91 9721452816, 9721452829
City Office : 0547-2221155, +91 9919060555
Transport : +91 9721452830

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