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Ongoing Consolidation

1. PTM/ Parents Forum

2. Internal Audit by QCG

3. Tangible targets for schools e.g. aiming for higher class averages including board classes


1. Alumni Base

2. Target of 20 schools pan India

3. Growth in terms of branding and a strong reputation

Collaboration within and across Institution

1. QCG’ checks

2. Setting norms communication across our schools and associate schools.

Holistic growth of students

1. Tangible Targets for schools.

2. Academics and Curricular records.

Conducive Environment

1. HR Policies as per the Blue book

2. Staff Training

3. Counselling

4. Empowering Student Council

Promoting Excellence

1. Parents Forum

2. Staff Appraisal

3. External Audit


Drop in or get in touch with us with the information given below or send us a query through the contact form

Sunbeam School Mau, SH 34, Alinagar, Uttar Pradesh 275102,
Front Office Executive : +91 9721452816, 9721452829
City Office : 0547-2221155, +91 9919060555
Transport : +91 9721452830

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