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Dear Parents,
We at Sunbeam Schools are very proud to be one of the most recognized school chains in the country delivering high academic standards within a very caring and supportive school system. In all my Sunbeam Schools, all my Administrator and Staff members work together to provide an engaging learning environment so that each student enrolled with us achieves their full potential. We also are passionate towards the bigger goal of education that in nation building and all the students at Sunbeam are ingrained with a feeling of Patriotism and are constantly on the look out for what they can do for their country.
Academic excellence is at the heart of our school, but we nurture creativity, personal and physical development, independence and inquiring minds with equal passion. I am sure whenever you visit a Sunbeam School, you will come across confident but humble Sunbeams with unbridled joy and enthusiasm immersed in the eco-system of learning in the confines of loving environment which is both safe and sensitive to their needs.
That’s the Sunbeam World for you.

Bharti Madhok



Drop in or get in touch with us with the information given below or send us a query through the contact form

Sunbeam School Mau, SH 34, Alinagar, Uttar Pradesh 275102,
Front Office Executive : +91 9721452816, 9721452829
City Office : 0547-2221155, +91 9919060555
Transport : +91 9721452830

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