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The Education policy in this country has perhaps been brought more sharply into focus in the last decade than at any other time in history. Creating a progressive and supportive learning environment which offers every school student the opportunity to explore and develop their potential is a constant challenge. At Sunbeam Schools, we are always looking to adapt and evolve our curriculum (The Sunbeam Precept) and teaching to establish a platform for success for all our pupils.
All children inherently love to learn. Learning for children is a discovery of the self and a yearning share that discovery of the self and a yearning to share that discovery with peers, teachers and parents. To help children become happy and responsible citizens of the world community, Sunbeam Schools provide much more than mere syllabi and examination oriented education. We address the myriad learning requirements of the child.
The Sunbeam Precept, the formalization of our own experiences and adaptations from the progresses made in the outside world is based on the programmes and pedagogy of National Curriculum framework. Sunbeam aims to develop in its students the values, skills and knowledge that will help them become active and responsible citizens in an increasingly interconnected world. The diversity and flexibility of pedagogical approaches respects the children as active contributors to and participants in the learning process.
Sunbeam’s teaching staff is enthusi9astic and energetic and, whilst all being qualified to teach their specialist curriculum areas, attend subject specialist curriculum areas, attend subject specific workshops and related conferences to ensure that the pedagogical philosophy and quality of the educational delivery and maintained. Continued professional development is a requirement for all staff members.

The Sunbeam KG Section/ Junior School Precept

In the KG section and Primary school the children’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm from the basis for an enquiry based approach to learning.
Using our own well researched KG Programme, teachers create a stimulating and varied learning environment that allows each student to progress according to his or her potential.
Children are encouraged to share their diverse social and cultural experiences and to develop the ability to think analytically, see connections among ideas, and be imaginative and creative actors in their own learning.
A variety of assessment methods, including student self reflection, allows continuous evaluation of the leaning process and regular feedback to both the children and the parents.
In addition to language (reading, writing, oral communication), mathematics, science and technology, social studies, visual arts, music, drama, social and physical education, children and exposed to French as a foreign language.
The use of computers and technology is an integral part of classroom work.

The Sunbeam Middle School Precept

The Middle School curriculum (classes VI to VIII) provides for a thorough study of the various disciplines, whilst maintaining the holistic approach of the Sunbeam Learner Profile.
It encourages students to realize that solutions to many questions often require insights drawn from various areas of knowledge, along with social and interpersonal skills that facilitate cooperation and teamwork.
It fosters personal responsibility, sensitivity towards the environment we live in, and openness and tolerance towards deferent cultural traditions.
The continuous and comprehensive assessment of the students’ progress against a set of criteria linked to the objectives of each course informs the teaching and learning process during the year, and students have the opportunity to demonstrate their achievements on final exams.
French of Sanskrit is offered as an additional language.

The Sunbeam Senior School Precept

Within the general framework of the CBSE programme and its holistic educational approach, classes IX and X go through the comprehensive and Continuous Evolution programs.
Building on the foundations laid in the previous years, they aim to develop the knowledge, the study, research and critical thinking skills essential for a successful participation in classes XI to XII to appear for the CBSE board and preparation for medical and engineering.
Children are offered a variety of subject combinations and optional to chart for themselves their preferred future course and professional Journey.


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