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9th - 13th April’20 Etiquette Week
23rd - 28th April’20 Value Week
9th - 14th July’20 Sikh Gurus & their Teachings
16th - 27th July’20 Reading Mahotsava
14th - 18th Aug’20 PM Week
27th Aug- 1st Sept’20 Heritage Week
1st - 6th Oct’20 Gandhigiri Week
22nd - 27th Oct’20 My City Week             
12th  - 17th Nov’20 Health Week
26th Nov’18 - 1st Dec’20 MI Week
3rd - 8th Dec’20 Environment / Jungle Week
21st - 26th Jan '21 President’s Week
4th - 9th Feb '21 No TV Week

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Sunbeam School Mau, SH 34, Alinagar, Uttar Pradesh 275102,
Front Office Executive : +91 9721452816, 9721452829
City Office : 0547-2221155, +91 9919060555
Transport : +91 9721452830

Author/Book of The Month

Ruskin Bond is an Anglo Indian author. His first novel, The Room on the Roof was published in 1956, and it received the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize in 1957.
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